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*ray2* 五行风水琉璃聚宝盆. Three Legged Toad Liu Li Bowl  

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  • Date Listed24/05/2016
  • ConditionNew
This piece of liu li 琉璃 crystal bowl over here is a very special type of fengshui relic. It is specially designed and custom made by a fengshui master. So u will not be able to buy the same type of obsidian bowl like this outside. There is 4 king three legged toad in this bowl, king three legged toad is different from normal three legged toad, they have a horn growing on their head and they are suppose to be more powerful and effective in drawing in wealth for you. Liu li is a type of crystal that is form through volcanic minerals, so it contain very high level of positive yang energy. Liu li known as 琉璃 in chinese is a very popular n powerful type of material in olden china n now as fengshui relic, its made from the mineral of volcanoes, after 72 complicated process, a completed liu li is form. In the olden china, only the noble is able to own liu li. Its seem as a very valuable item. Till these days liu li are still selling at a very expensive price. This piece of liu li over here is designed to be a 五行风水聚宝盆 as we practise balancing of the 5 element, this fengshui bowl consist of 4 different color of three legged king toad. White represent metal, purple represent fire, green represent wood, orange represent earth, and the centre of the bowl u just have to pour in water to form 金木水火土, 五行风水聚宝盆. The use of a 聚宝盆 is to gather in Wealth n fortune to your house and preventing u from 漏财. Combine with 4 three legged king toad representing north south east west, its a completed effective piece of 招财风水物. Three legged toad is a specialist in attracting 偏财 and 横财. What i mean by specialist is that this fengshui divine beast is very effective in improving these two type of wealth. There is total of 3 type of wealth, 正财,偏财,横财. Zheng cai is career income, normally include your monthly wages, bonus and promotion luck. Pian cai is business, investment, forex, shares. Heng cai is 4d,toto, betting luck. They are all different. Pi xiu is the only one that attract 3 of them, it is like panadol, cure headaches, pain aches, flu and fever, very general. But if you are looking to just to cure a strong flu, u have to buy a flu medicine. This example is to tell that if u wish to strong improve your pian and heng cai, a king three legged toad is the fastest and most effective. The 4 king toad represent all four direction of north, south, east, west. Meaning attracting wealth from all direction to u. The right way to use a three legged toad is that in day time the toad should face the main door with a coin in his mouth and one more slot under its buttock. Slotting a coin under his buttock means eat wealth from outside and release the wealth out to your house, at night u should turn him back opposite facing directly to your house and away from the main door. So this bowl no matter how you place it, it will be one bitting wealth from outside, one spitting it in, and from all direction. In the center of the bowl is a 聚宝盆. So it is for 聚财气 and preventing you from 破财. Just place some water and 8 one dollar singapore coin in the center of it to complete the fengshui formation. Overall this is a very special and complete piece of fengshui fortune bowl with the best fengshui combination to improve your wealth, luck and health as one, not to mention that the carving and artwork of this obsidian bowl is extreme beautiful and well done. All designed by a profesional fengshui master to form a ultimate fengshui relic. Thank you. Do view my other items listed here for sales. 8,3035397 Below is the link to my full gumtree Listing and profile, Click on the *** Button on the link to reveal the full link address then Copy and paste the link. Thank You -seller-listings/ray138/v1u106739986p1