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Mr Midnight James Lee $5 Each Books

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MR MIDNIGHT $5 each 1. Wormhead They Came From The Drain 2. Our Radio Won’t Turn Off! The Cinema Of Doom 3. Please Stay In Your Grave! Forest Of Fear 4. The Carnival Of Horrors The Boy With Blood-Red Eyes 5. Face Of Doom Buried But Breathing 7. The Dead Are Dancing Old Ghosts Of New York 8. Dr Dredd And The Dentures Of Doom Dressed To Kill (Unavailable) 9. The Beam Of Doom The Graves Busters (Unavailable) 10. The Mystery Of The Runaway Rebel 11. Walking, Running Killer Fish My Shadow Is Killing Me 12. Die Laughing At A Killer Clown I live IN Coffin 4, BloodStreet (Unavailable) 13. Happy Birthday Horrors Eaten By Hamburgers 15. When The Living Meet The Dead 16. Santa’s Claws The Fright Before Christmas (Unavailable) 17. My Freaky Shrunken Head Evil By Email 18. The Wild, Wild Wolves Are Coming My Secret Stalker 20. Old Ghosts Of Japan Drowned But Not Dead (Unavailable) 21. All My Friends Have Vanished! What’s That Thing In My Pillow? (Unavailable) 22. Stop The Deadly Dummies! Who Sent Me A Coffin? (Unavailable) 23. Flying Tiger Fist Of Shoolin Demon’s Island 24. The Carnival Of Horrors The Boy With Blood-Red Eyes (Unavailable) 25. Help Me, I’m Changing! Tower Of Terror 26. The Tomb Of Dr Theseus (Unavailable) 27. My Friend’s Now A Mommy! May All Your Dreams Come True (Unavailable) 28. The Mystery Of The White Tiger 29. The Mystery Of the Unlucky Undertaker (Unavailable) 30. The Mystery Of The Seventh Sword (Unavailable) 31. The Mystery Of The Rajah’s Ruby 33. My Invisble Friend Strangled By Spaghetti (Unavailable) 34. My Handphone Is Haunted! School Camp Terrors (Unavailable) 36. The Demon Dentist Who Stole The Zoo? (Unavailable) 37. When The Ghosts Went Mad Drop Dead, Gorgeous (Unavailable) 38. My Creepy Cruise Stranger Danger (Unavailable) 39. Don’t Get Off At The 13th Floor! My Shoes Have Gone Nuts (Unavailable) 40. Scooby-Doo! Headless Horseman(Unavailable)