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Tips to Buy and Sell on Gumtree

Buying and selling used items, such as cell phones, mountain bikes, home appliances, TVs, Baby Clothes, and laptops, is a great way to keep yourself up to date without sacrificing your hard earned money every time a brand new item comes out. Sellers can get a fair market value for their unwanted belongings, and buyers can get everything they need for less than the cost of retail. Here are some tips for both Buyers and Sellers using Gumtree to save money and beat retail prices:

  1. Pictures Matter – Pictures are the only way the seller can show their product accurately and demonstrate that they are a trustworthy vendor. They’re also the only way for a buyer to review their potential purchase. To prevent awkwardness after the transaction, be sure that the classifieds listing for the product you’re selling or buying has clear, accurate photographs. If not, buyers should be sure to request photographs prior to completing a transaction.
  2. Be Honest – This is really for sellers, but buyers can detect honesty in a listing. For example, if selling a used cell phone: Sellers, describe your phone completely and accurately, scratches, dings, and all. Telling someone you have a ‘Brand New Sealed Phone’ only to deliver a used phone with a scratched shell is not going to end happily. The right buyer will find your phone and want it, flaws and all.
  3. Know your stuff – Both buyers and sellers should be aware of the item they are dealing with. Do your research to find out what the specifications are, operating systems running, features available, and models available are of the item you are buying or selling. This will help your listing be more accurate as a seller, and as a buyer you will be able to make an informed purchase decision and get what you really want.
  4. Sweeten the deal – For sellers who really want to move their sale quickly, it doesn’t hurt to add accessories you have around such as chargers, cases, cables, boxes, add-ons, warantees, helmets, and anything else that enhances the item you're selling. You won’t need them once you’ve gotten rid of the item, and it can work as a great added incentive for buyers who want to get the full package at once.
  5. Clean up – When you’re buying and selling on Gumtree, it’s in the best interest of buyers and sellers to make sure the item is fully cleaned out, dusted, or sanitized. Especially in the case of selling used cell phones, be sure the phone is completely wiped. Usually in settings there is an option to do a factory reset on the phone, which will restore it to the original settings from out of the box. We conduct so much personal activity on our phones; it is much safer to make sure your phone has a fresh start.
  6. Be Safe - When buying and selling on any free classifieds site, always be sure to organize a safe public meeting place. Make sure not to exchange money and goods until you're fully satisfied. If you are exchanging a large sum of money, perhaps for a large appliance, or a car, consider meet at a bank to inspect the item. If all looks well, do the withdrawal inside the bank and safely exchange inside.